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This is the first Jean Erhardt book I have read and I enjoyed it so much that I am going, right now, to search for more.

–       V.S.


A masterpiece!

–       Denise Humphreys, Umatilla County Deputy Medical Examiner


I found the characters interesting but, more importantly, I found them believable. The setting was interesting to me, as I am in the UK, so I usually see things which are set in the obvious places, such as New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, etc. It’s good to know that there are other places and other characters around the US.

–       Joe Jenkins


Jean Erhardt has a winner on her hands with SMALL TOWN TROUBLE. Kim Claypoole is a colorful protagonist unlike any I have recently read. You will find yourself hoping for and looking forward to another installment. Well done Ms. Erhardt!

–       Lisa K’s Book Reviews


What a wonderful romp through the small town American landscape that many of us grew up in! The sometimes very humorous, tongue in cheek, realistic attitude of the hero, Kim Claypoole, as she makes her journey back home to see to her mother’s affairs, provides all of us, who have ever traveled “back home” with a unique insight. We learn that we are not the only ones to ever experience our family’s quirky doings and crazy antics! And because our heroine leaves us with unanswered questions about her future love life, I’m sure we will be meeting her again after she returns to her Tennessee home! When I found that Kim’s eccentric mother was named “Evelyn”, I was totally taken in!!! Had I found my literary twin? heheh!!

–       Evelyn M Wright


There are so many ways to develop character in a story. A few are interactions with other characters, dialogue, reaction to environment, actions within the story, character’s revelations about other characters, and more. Jean Erhardt has used all the above and created such a rich protagonist you are sure you have met her somewhere before.

–        D.A. Sarac, Editor, www.latteda.com/www.boneyardcoffee.com


Jean Erhardt’s Small Town Trouble is a completely fun read. Kim Claypoole is a likeable curmudgeon with a complete soft spot and the combination of her snarky and soft side make her quite believable as a reluctant heroine. The rest of Erhardt’s cast of quirky characters reminds me of both early Janet Evanovich and Carl Hiassen mysteries and Claypoole’s extended family members add a flawed charm to the whole enterprise. The vividly described small town and sometimes hillbilly settings create a great backdrop for the wacky, but dangerous goings on. Oh, and, having lived in the South, the dialogue is right on without being condescending. Small Town Trouble is a clever, well-written mystery and a very fun read. Can’t wait for the next Kim Claypoole mystery!

–       Karen S.


Thoroughly engaging, written with a dry wit that makes it an enjoyable read throughout. Eccentric characters abound, and what they say and do will astonish you. Highly recommended!

–       Russ Forster, editor of 8 Track Mind


The mystery keeps you guessing and surprises don’t stop.

–       Linda Force


Erhardt’s Small Town Trouble is a classic Amateur Sleuth Caper. It calls out to the inveterately curious among us, and gives voice to our affinity for gossip, our desire to dig below the surface and our need to winnow out information that really is none of our business.

–       Salem West, Hoosier Daddy and The Rainbow Reader


I was greatly amused by the author’s sense of humor and how it is skillfully woven throughout each chapter

–       Debra B Kopena


Jean Erhardt nails the region and its characters with pinpoint accuracy. Her facility with dialogue and capturing a character’s essence through the way he or she talks is second to none. I don’t know whether a genre of ‘hillbilly noir’ has ever been established before, but it sure has now!!

–       Dwight Weber, editor of Jelly Roll, Bix, and Hoagy: Gennett Studios and the Birth of Recorded Jazz by Richard Lee Kennedy


If you are looking to laugh out loud (and who doesn’t need a laugh right now) read about Kim Claypoole and her adventures!

–       Janice L. Grounds


A cigar-smoking, womanizing, food and beer-loving, deeply flawed anti-hero detective. I love this character. I highly recommend this book to lovers of the noir form.

–         Rich Oberdorfer, Oberdorfer Law Firm


A southern thriller packed with surprises and secret plots; Small Town Trouble is a must read!

–       Pamela J Bockman


Once I got stated, I could not put it down. The story line was excellent and edge of your seat suspense

–       Linda Mullett


I read the book first while vacationing and did not put it down until I finished it. I read the book again last month and enjoyed it even more the second time.

–       Arlene


A parade of unique personas that could only be cultivated in a small rural town, all wrapped up in witty dialogue and observation, with edge and heartfelt humor, and of course, murder.

–       SJ


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6 Responses to “What Readers Say”

  • Sharon:

    Great books!

  • Sara E:

    love love love your website and witty humor and characters, go Jean…

  • Brian Hobbs:

    I love the way all the characters are so richly and vividly explained throughout the series. They come to life and suck you right into the pages themselves. Can’t wait to read the rest of the series!

  • Bettylou:

    Your website looks great and I love reading the Kim Claypoole series. Good characters that keep the story line moving along. I long for some tasty entrees from the “Little Pigeon.”

  • Janice G:

    Jean is such a great writer – her stories are hilarious, her characters rich and complex – oh and funny!

  • Debbie G:

    Absolutely love this book! I couldn’t put it down! Love the vivid characters, hilarious dialogue, and Cincinnati references (I heart Cincinnati!). Truly a joy to read – can’t wait for more Kim Claypoole!

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